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Fashion Show Runway Rental - Catwalk Rental - Custom
Fuller Street Productions is located in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.
Fashion Show Runway Rental. Rent a runway. Fuller Street Productions provides the finest production elements for Fashion Shows in the business. Fashion Show Runways can be built in infinite size, shape, and color. Materials including fabric, glass, plastics, wood, and metal can be used for the final look of your project. Each Fashion Show Runway can be built to accentuate the product line modeled. Make your special event - Special. Some call them Catwalks, some call them runways, either way you can rent them from Fuller Street Productions based in Southern California. White runway rental. If you need a runway for your fashion show you have come to the right place. Fuller Street Productions easily services Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, and San Diego County!

Carpet Runways

Carpeted Fashion Show Runway Rental

Fashion Show Runways can be as simple as a run of carpet. Pick your product and roll it out to your desired length.

Need a custom shape? Cut it.

Choose from the hundreds of Fuller Street Productions carpet options here:

  Carpet Runway Rental  

Clear Plexi Runways

clear plexi fashion show runway

Need to walk on water? OK.

Fuller Street Productions offers modular plexigalss decks that are used to create fashion show runways over water.

Clear runways.



  Clear Plexi Runway Rental  

Frosted Plexi Runways

fashion show runway rental glowing stage

This is the most popular plexiglass runway option we have.

This modular deck system is typically underlit with white light, but can be lit with any color and can even have a chase or color changing lighting system included. PLEXI OPTION IS FOR PURCHASE ONLY

  Frosted Plexi Runway Rental  

High Gloss Runways

fashion show runway rental high gloss finish

Need a high gloss surface for your fashion show runway?

What color would you like it in?

Choose from the options available from of Fuller Street here:


  High Gloss Runway Rental  

Muslin Runways

fashion show runway muslin covered

Seamless. Clean.

If you choose to have a muslin runway, you will experience clean straight lines.

Each application is custom. The process to install this type of runway requires experienced carpenters to finish it right.

  Muslin Runway Rental  

Standard Runways

fashion show runway standard

Budget Friendly. Get it done.

Use our standard decking system as your runway and experience a clean, freshly painted black surface for your models.

Have piece of mind knowing that your product line will be displayed on a solid and safe surface. This option is something you can do yourself.

Save on the labor costs and Will Call your runway. We will tell you how to set it up!

  Standard Runway Rental  

Vinyl Runways

fashion show runway vinyl covered


Image Branding you can walk on. Let your imagination run wild and then let us know where it went so we can track it down and make it a reality for you.


  Vinyl Runway Rental  

Set Flats

set flat rental for fashion shows

Fuller Street Productions provides set flat walls for fashion shows. We have a lot of these. Whether you use our stock inventory, or request a custom built wall for your event, you can not go wrong.

If the size you need isn't stock, we will build to suit.

Click to Image to see Videos

  Set Flat Event Walls  

Fashion Show Lighting

fashion show lighting rental packages

Fashion Show lighting for the runway, the models and the walls.

Lighting from above, below and in the round.

  Fashion Show Lighitng Rental  

Fashion Show Audio

fashion show sound system rental

Fashion Show sound systems.

Audio for the event.

Large or small.

  Fashion Show Audio Rental  

Fashion Show Accessories

chrome stanchion rental

velvet rope rental

Fashion Show accessories.

Stanchion and velvet rope rental.

What are you going to do on Saturday night?

Go to a red carpet event and enter through the red velvet rope barriers!

  Fashion Show Accessories  

Fashion Show Furniture

fashion show seating chairs rental

Fashion Show seating options.

Chair and other event furniture rental.

  Fashion Show Furniture  

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