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Stage Rental - Platform risers for rent - California

Stage Rental. Rent a stage or riser package. Fuller Street Productions is a company that provides the staging for concerts, parties, and performances! If you need a stage, look no further! Stages for your concert, can be built in infinite size, design, and effect. Staging elements include round stages, turntables, choir risers, custom stages, plexi stages, grated stages and many more options for your show. Make your concert event - Special. Some call them stages, some call them risers, either way you can rent them from Fuller Street Productions based in Southern California. Complete Concert Stage system Packages. If you need a stage company, you have come to the right place. Stage Rental from Fuller Street Productions is offered without limitation. Need to know how to build a stage? Rent a stage system you can set up yourself, or have a stage provided to you turn-key from Fuller Street Productions. Our Experience staff can build you a stage platform for your concert, presentation, or fashion show runway. Looking for Steel Deck Staging? Try our stages! If you need a stage, you have come to the right place. Fuller Street Productions easily services Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, and San Diego County!

stage rental picture

Stage Rental

Stage rental.

Rent the size you need.

Click Here to see the may size options you have for staging.

custom stage rental

turntable stage rental
  Custom Themed Stage Rental
Turntable Stages

drum riser rental 8 x 8

Make any stage deck into a rolling riser.

Simple drum risers or complete stages.

Roll them into position and get to it.


choir riser rental
  Riser Rental
Choir Risers - Rolling & Modular

stage deck standard

Risers can be carpeted in black, white, grey, or what ever color you desire at an additional fee.

frosted stage deck rental

Clear and Frosted Decks are rental items offered.

  Stage Deck Rental
Plexi Stage Deck Rental
fashion show runway catwalk rental

fashion show runway rental black

High gloss seamless, Muslin covered, Clear and Frosted Runways are some of the options available

  Muslin Other Runways
Stage Sets

stage set rental

Stage set rental design.

See the stage set you are paying for.

stage set rental

Stage set rental.

Rent a set that you design!

  Off the Shelf
Touring Systems stage set rental touring

rolling riser rental touring

Touring Systems large or small.  

  Touring Sets Touring Rolling Risers
Spot/Sound Towers

spot tower rental

Tower rentals for concert events.

Use for spot light operators, PA towers, video projection towers, banner placement and more!

banner tower rental
  Spot Tower
Sound and Banner Tower

Elevators stage elevator lift rental  
Conveyor Belts / Treadmills
Seating Platforms seating platform rental black chair padded rental
  Studio Audience Padded Chairs
Pool Covers pool cover rental dance floor pool cover plexi rental
  Standard Pool Cover
Custom Plexi-Pool Cover
Ramps car ramp rental strong equipment ramp rental
Equipment Ramps

Stairs round step rental stair rental
  Rounded Stairs
Stair Rental


barricade rental crash crowd

barricade bike rack barricade rental

chrome stanchion and velvet rope rental


  Bike and Crash Barricade
Velvet Rope Barricade

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