Fabrication wasn’t the beginning. Our story has been years in the making.

Like every story of entrepreneurial success, the Fuller Street story begins with 2 guys in a garage building a dream.

Hustling to sell concert stage packages, learning all the engineering aspects of truss builds, sprinkling in audio and lighting rentals, the team found its way into full production services and production equipment rentals. But staging rentals, stair rentals, and choir riser rentals, marked only the beginning. Evolution proved inevitable, as a different destiny waited ahead, built on a legacy of event production.

As relationships and opportunities grew, so did the team — both in skills and knowledge.  And like all high-spirited entrepreneurs, the horizon’s allure drew the team into full custom fabrications for our client and brand partners’ experiential marketing events.  One question sparked a new creative fire within the team:  “Hey do you think you guys could build that?”

To which we answered simply:  “Why not?”

And we’ve never looked back. (Except for that Covid year.  A lot of weird stuff went on that year, but that’s a tale for another time….)

Fuller Street has built over 20 years of experience in the business of working with top tier brands, clients, and businesses.  We pioneered the way for experiential marketing fabrications, bringing the additional strength of 360 production management, design, content creation, and event production from our Souther California location.

As experiential marketing continues to reshape the world of sales and advertising, Fuller Street can help guide your journey to a successful brand event. We can help you find a niche that fits your brand and budget. Experiential marketing is a key to bridging meaningful connections with your current and future customers. So dive in, and let us help you experience the magic for yourself!

Fuller Street understands how to implement an effective roadmap to a successful custom fabrication for every event marketing experience. We help you with tailored fabrications that showcase brand products or services in innovative ways, fostering meaningful connections and driving brand engagement.

With 360 Production Management Services, peace of mind is exactly what Fuller Street will bring you. We handle the full event production logistics, and see things through with end to end full service event production solutions. Basically — we make your life easier!


Our story is still being written.  We can’t wait to create with you. Just imagine what we can build together!


Meet our Team


Founder and Owner

Let’s talk ideas!


Founder and Owner

I take the CADs and make ’em RAD!


Logistics Manager

I keep the wheels in motion!


Master Craftsman

I build all the things you dream of!


Master Craftsman

I build all the things you dream of!



I got you!



I got you!


Design and Production

Let’s do this!


Let's Build Together!

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Imagine what we can create together.